A wide variety of music stations

Internet Radio

SXBR1 Internet Radio

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SiriusXM Internet Radio through Sonu Media allows you to access over 100 channels – 30 of which are programmed with no DJ or commercial interruptions - using your high-speed internet connection.

No computer is required. You can connect your internet player using Wi-fi® or Ethernet connectivity, allowing you the flexibility to place the unit virtually anywhere. With our online portal, you can set schedules to play different channels during the day making Internet Radio an ideal solution for any size and any type of business.

Satellite Radio

OnyxEZ Satellite Radio

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Sonu Media also offers SiriusXM Radio satellite music services. This solution can be used almost anywhere and requires no internet connection. With satellite radio you'll receive over 80 commercial free music channels. Installation is easy! Professional installation is also available - contact Sonu Media for more details.

Exclusive Music Channels

SiriusXM Music Channels
SiriusXM offers a diverse music selection — from pop to jazz, standards to rock, or blues to classical —
to keep your customers engaged, energized and entertained, while motivating your employees.


Sonu Media

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