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Keep callers on the line with music and messaging on hold.

SiriusXM Message on Hold

Messages on Hold is an exciting feature for businesses that want to provide audio and incorporate messages to their customers on hold. Each businesses needs to put their customers on hold which is a mandatory part of running a successful businesses. Messages on hold play a very important role when your customers are placed on hold. It's a valuable moment to represent the right marketing message to your customers and educate them about your wide range of products and services, increase sales and grow your businesses, reduce caller hang ups, and increase traffic on your company website.

The Facts of Calls On Hold:

  • 90% of callers placed on hold with dead air hang up within 40 seconds
  • More than 70% of businesses phone calls are placed on hold for an average of 45-60 seconds each. 60% of callers listening to dead air hang up, and 30% of those hang ups never call back.
  • Callers with commercials on hold will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.
  • The average executive spends 17 minutes per day on hold.
  • The average person spends 60 hours per year on hold.
  • 55 seconds is the national average hold time for companies with more than 2 telephone lines.
  • Over 85 % of callers prefer commercials on hold over silence.
  • 1 in 5 callers make a purchase or a decision based on commercials on hold.

The Benefits of Messages On Hold:

  • A 40 % increase in retention of callers on hold
  • A 15% increase in inquires.
  • A 12% direct increase in requests for products and services mentioned in commercials on hold.

The facts are clear:

When your customers are on the phone, on hold messaging is critical. Without it, you could lose up to 90% of callers and those people will take their businesses elsewhere. Lost callers equal lost revenue. With Messages on Hold you can easily advertise current offers or specials or simply let your customers know that someone will be right with them without having to pick up the line. Best of all, your customizations can be changed as often as needed!

Sonu Media offers two hardware solutions to allow businesses to create made-to-order playlists and greetings that are sure to meet your businesses demands:

Messager USB:

The Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous play audio source for message-on-hold, background music or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required.

Messages are stored in MP3 format on any standard USB flash drive with no special software or drivers needed. The Messager USB is capable of high-quality audio file playback of up to 128Kbps. Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash drive into a PC or MAC computer's USB port and "dragging and dropping" MP3 files to and from the drive. Customers can receive new and updated message-on-hold or background music programs via e-mail or ftp and update the units themselves saving the added expense of additional USB flash drives and the related mailing and tracking costs.

The Messager USB is also available with the next generation encryption software called Sonocrypt Level 3. This version of Sonocrypt encrypts the file itself making the MP3 file unplayable anywhere except on the Messager USB.

Multi Messager USB :

The Multi-Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital message repeater that installs easily into any messaging application that requires triggered or timed message play. Messages are stored in MP3 format on any standard USB flash drive with no special software or drivers needed.

The Multi-Messager USB is capable of high-quality audio file playback of up to 128Kbps. Using this device, you can playback up to 99 audio files with continuous, interval & triggered playback and background music feed-through. The built in monitor speaker makes it easy to manage your device.

The Multi-Messager USB also offers wide variety of features such as an active output that can be connected to LEDs or relays for activation when a message is playing or a stop trigger to terminate message play. Programming of these and other features is extremely easy by using the detailed instruction manual.


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